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What is Avatar?

Avatar® is a self-development program established by Harry Palmer.

Since its inception in 1987, the program has been offered in more than 24 languages and followed by over 100,000 people in 153 countries.

The basic course consists of a nine-day training provided by Avatar Masters. The program is divided into three consecutive parts: ReSurfacing (2 days), the Exercises (5 days), and the Procedures (2 days). The focus is more on experiencing and training rather than knowledge transfer. The courses are offered both on-site and online.

Those who wish to further develop after the basic program can take the Avatar Master Course. In addition to deepening your experience, this offers you the opportunity to start teaching Avatar.

There are advanced courses for further development and professionalization.

Where does it come from?

In 1976, Harry left his tenured teaching position to begin a decade of research and study into the workings of consciousness. As a spiritual explorer, he oriented himself towards various belief systems and spiritual and religious movements.

In 1986, this resulted in his own vision and accompanying training program: Avatar®. This program has since spread worldwide.

What makes Avatar different?

Avatar® doesn’t provide answers. Instead, we train you to find them yourself by doing the exercises. You are personally guided in this process. The result is that you do what you truly want and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve.

How does Avatar differ from other practices or self-help technologies?

People usually argue for or against beliefs about what is true. They practice something because they believe it is true. Someone says, “This is the way to live,” and because they are convincing, or a charismatic role model, or have some power over you, you believe their instructions. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing, but it is the big difference between Avatar and other practices. Avatar is not going to tell you what to believe. It will reveal to you what you already believe and why.

Avatar will show you how to connect the dots between what you are believing and what you are experiencing in life, and it will teach you how to dissolve a belief that is creating an experience that you don’t prefer. The focus is on exploring consciousness and only changing the things in life that you want to change.

From: the Avatar Path: The way we came
© Copyright 2011 by Harry Palmer

Are the results of Avatar permanent?

That depends on yourself. The only constant in life is change. Avatar is more about managing rather than stopping change.

What you can expect from the Avatar Course are skills in using a collection of tools. These skills usually last a long time. Compare it to cycling and swimming. These are things you learned a long time ago and usually don’t forget.

What does Avatar bring me?

Participants in Avatar®, after completing the program, typically experience:

  • A better understanding of who they are and what they want to achieve.
  • Being less susceptible to influence by others or circumstances.
  • Being more capable of executing their ideas.
  • Feeling more confident at home and at work.
  • More peace and control over their lives.

Will it work for me?

Of course, it’s always difficult to say in advance. For most participants, they find that it ‘works’, in the sense that Avatar has increased their insight into life and their compassion for others.

Through our course, we offer you a large number of tools with which you can give a better and more personal interpretation to your life. However, showing someone how a tool works, even if many hours of practice are put into it, will not always produce a successful or motivated craftsman. Establishing that the tools work for others is still not an answer to: “will it work for me?”

The real answer to this question is a counter-question: “what are you willing to change?”

What can I expect from the Avatar Course?

The three-part course aims to guide you in exploring the inner workings of your own consciousness and to provide you with tools to change the things you want to change.

From self-awareness through self-development to self-actualization.

The course works more with life lessons (experience-oriented) than with word lessons (knowledge-oriented). Therefore, a trained Avatar Master is needed to guide you through this process.

The Avatar course is also delivered online. Does it work?

Yes, we have succeeded in translating our personal approach to the Zoom platform.

It is not comparable to online meetings, video calls, or on-demand webinars. It remains a one-on-one training. Because it’s an experience-based course, you almost forget that you are sitting in front of a screen.

We offer both online and on-site courses to facilitate participation opportunities, depending on your own preference.

Can Avatar help me with relationships?

When we see others, we strongly color that image with our own preferences and assumptions, formed by our own experiences. We observe them at a certain moment and in a certain situation, add our own conclusions, and then, as it were, put a “costume” on them. It’s as if we’re asking: “Would you wear this costume for me?” This happens mutually. But when we go beyond these fantasy costumes and renew our relationships on a more honest level, we can often experience a fresher and deeper connection.

What kind of people participate in the Avatar Course?

The participants come from all walks of life. From single fathers to civil servants and bankers. And from students and scientists to truck drivers and elite athletes. In terms of background, it’s a diverse group ranging from deeply religious to atheists.

Most participants find that Avatar increases their insight into life and their compassion for others.

How does Avatar affect future generations?

One of the goals of Avatar is to make people more aware, to remind them that their highest nature is non-violent, and to increase the amount of compassion and cooperation on the planet.

If you fired an arrow, stopped it in its flight, and sighted along the arrow, you would see where it was going. If you stopped Avatar in flight and sighted along it, you would see that it is headed toward an enlightened planetary civilization. Every person who becomes an Avatar shifts the collective consciousness toward the goal of greater tolerance and understanding.

The hope of future generations is that we awaken a consciousness that is increasingly immune to irrationality and that values wisdom. Helping yourself with Avatar helps everyone else, including future generations. With Avatar everyone wins.

From: the Avatar Path: The way we came.

© Copyright 2011 by Harry Palmer

What is personal responsibility?

Personal responsibility is the ability to determine one’s own decisions, choices and actions. In Avatar, this is called being source. A natural outcome of increasing this ability is that people discover areas in their life that they haven’t been controlling.

A fundamental characteristic of people who support the creation of an enlightened planetary civilization is a high level of personal responsibility.

From: the Avatar Path: The way we came
© Copyright 2011 by Harry Palmer

With more than 100.000 participants worldwide, and even more experiences to share:

“When I arrived here, everything was murky, both in my mind and in my life. Thanks to the Basic Avatar Course, I’ve gained new insights, new perspectives, and new motivation.”

Niels (The Netherlands)

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