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Avatar Advanced Trainings

Avatar® Master Course

In Avatar® Part 4A, you learn to view the world from a broader perspective than just your own. You learn to be more successful in groups and to collaborate more effectively and in better ways. If you wish, you can obtain a license through this course, allowing you to train others in the basic course. The Avatar Master course grants access to the next advanced trainings.

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Avatar® Professional Course

Avatar® Part 4B focuses on personal leadership. The tools you learn here provide support to more successfully deploy your talents. This makes you stronger in the face of life’s challenges and enhances your ability to be grateful, appreciative, and connective.

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Avatar® Wizard Series

In the Wizard Series (Part 5), you delve even deeper into the possibilities of your mind. You learn to discover and also deploy its true power at the right moment. The Wizard Series is primarily focused on creating change for yourself and people around you, from a broader perspective.

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The Integrity Course for Avatar Masters

In the Integrity Course – based on the book ‘The Seven Pillars of Enlightenment’ by Harry Palmer – you specifically examine the patterns that hinder you from being honest. You gain more control over criticism and disagreements and create space for focus and creative energy.

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