Do You Determine Your Own Future?

About Avatar

Avatar® offers you the power to get to where you want to be

Avatar is a self-development programme that enables you to shape your own life by yourself. Not by following the ideas or beliefs of others, but by making actual contact with yourself and experiencing who you are and want to be. Discover your own powerful answers!

Avatar assists you in overcoming barriers in your thinking and feelings. Truly get to know yourself, develop your potential and thereby your influence on others and the world around you. From self-awareness through self-development to self-actualization.

About Harry Palmer

Harry Palmer earned a bachelor’s degree from Ithaca College, a Master of Science in Education from Elmira College, and became an educator. In 1976, Harry left his tenured teaching position to begin a decade of research and study into the workings of consciousness. As a spiritual explorer, he oriented himself towards various belief systems and spiritual and religious movements.

In 1986, this resulted in his own vision and accompanying training program: Avatar®. This program has since spread worldwide. His bestseller ‘Living Deliberately’ – translated into 20 languages – describes his personal journey to personal development and enlightenment.

In addition to his interest in spirituality and world religions (he is most influenced by Buddhism), and what makes societies and individuals thrive, Harry has always been an avid reader and enthusiastic researcher of many aspects of human civilization. This ranges from diving (he has made over 300 dives in eight oceans) and farming (he runs a small biodynamic farm with tilapia, chickens, and vegetables), to ICT.

He lives with his wife Avra Honey-Smith and their dogs in Florida.

Star’s Edge International

Star’s Edge International is the company Harry founded in 1986 to offer the Avatar® program.

Currently, the Star’s Edge headquarters in Florida manages over ten thousand licensed Avatar Masters in 153 countries. Supervision of this network is in the hands of a staff of employees and a team of experienced trainers from Australia, Belgium, Germany, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, China, Brazil, and the United States.

Avatar Master

The people who guide you during the training are called Avatar® Masters. They are licensed to train you in applying the exercises and procedures of Avatar. They are trained in leadership and in creating a safe space for self-reflection.

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