Jouw Bron om het meest krachtige Zelf-Ontwikkelingsprogramma dat er is te onderzoeken.

Jouw Bron om het meest krachtige Zelf-Ontwikkelingsprogramma dat er is te onderzoeken.

textphoto11De bestanden hieronder bevatten ervaringen van echte studenten van de Avatar Cursus. Star's Edge wil deze mensen van harte bedanken voor hun eerlijkheid en bereidheid om te delen; ze helpen ons allemaal..

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Dear Avra and Harry,

I'd like to share how grateful I am for having the Avatar tools in my life. This week is my last week at my current workplace and since I got back from Wizards I had the feeling to leave. Since then, I've been through some lessons in my life, some of them were not the easiest to take, and my journey was all about finding my own reference point.

I am thankful that I can see, that there is nothing wrong with my job or the people I'm surrounded by there. I am leaving without any feeling of righteousness. I know now, what matters is that I stay in my wisdom and from there just give the space and love. Being curious to get the other one. Before, I was busy with trying to get attention, just like a puppy.

I wish I would have known this when I started to work here. I can feel me from here, in the past situations, and I also can feel my ignorance and the confusion it created.

I am grateful for the tools and for the perspective, that I can always take no matter what: it's never too late and I can start to get better just now!

My heart is full and ready to give and I know where I am.

Eszter Nagy- Hungary