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The Importance of Effective Communication With Others (And Yourself)

importance of effective communication

Have you ever looked back at an argument and thought "this is not how this conversation should have gone!"? Sometimes you don't see the importance of effective communication until its too late.

Interactions with coworkers, family members, your significant other, and yourself all determine how we can make the most out of our days.

What can you do to get better at communicating with everyone on a day to day basis?

Keep scrolling and you'll be surprised at how effective communication can impact your everyday life.

Communicating with Yourself Is Your Top Priority.

The importance of effective communication starts with the ability to communicate with yourself. The first step is to speak to yourself in the third person.

This may seem like something only athletes or superstars do, but constantly saying your name before performing a task can give you the confidence needed to complete it successfully. It may be all the encouragement you need to get through a difficult situation!

The importance of effective communication also hinges on a surrounding yourself with a positive environment. Leave words of encouragement in places you can see them every day.

Leaving post-it notes on your fridge or in your desk at work will make communicating with yourself easier.

The final key to communicating with yourself? Keep a daily journal. Having a journal allows you to express all your thoughts and feelings. You can look back and determine when key moments in your life took place.

The Importance of Effective Communication in the Workplace.

Today's workplace brings diversity to every department in every industry. Learn about your coworkers' cultures and background. You can build strong working relationships with them and maybe make a new friend.

You may be nervous about speaking to someone with a different culture than yours. Don't let that stop you from talking to your coworkers on a daily basis.

Listen intently when someone speaks to you. You'll not only show them their words are important but you'll learn about their personality and tendencies when they talk.

Take for example a business manager and his or her sales associate trying to meet an approaching deadline. If their communication is in sync, small gestures or nonverbal cues may be all they need to make an important decision.

In the above example, these two people completed their task because their communication was effective. Working as a cohesive unit will make you more productive, easing your daily grind.

The importance of effective communication can be seen best in group discussions. When you collaborate with others at a roundtable or in a formal setting, everyone will be able to get on the same page.

Communicating with Family.

Whether your family is large or small, keeping the lines of communication open will help any family thrive. Ask yourself this question: when was the last time you spoke to an out-of-state relative? Has it been a month? A year? Sometimes a simple phone call is all it takes to bring up fond memories. It may turn into regular communication!

Inside the household, everyone seems to be glued to their electronic devices 24/7. Think about what can you do to have meaningful conversations around the house.

Designate a time to unplug all devices. If children are in the house, having dinner together will do wonders for their self-esteem. It will also develop their social skills as they get older.

It may even help solve problems that would otherwise go unnoticed or unresolved.

If you grew up in a household with a lot of arguing or yelling, your family likely had poor communication. Sitting down and talking out your issues allows each side to air out their feelings.

It's easier to work things out when you have a civilized discussion rather than a shouting match.

Communicating with Your Spouse.

The importance of effective communication with your spouse can't be stressed enough. You need it if you want a healthy relationship. Having open and honest conversations will bring you closer together.

You can start with regular conversations before and after work. If you can, check in on your spouse a few times during work or on your lunch break. Sending a quick message to your spouse on social media or a quick phone call will make him or her happy and improve communication between the two of you.

Wrapping Things Up

Let's recap the importance of effective communication.

1. Communicate with yourself by writing in a daily journal and leaving positive messages for yourself during your day to day life.

2. Proper workplace communication will help you learn about your coworkers and build relationships. You will also be able to collaborate better and develop ideas.

3. Unplug from electronic devices once in a while.

4. It may sound like a cliche, but when you talk to your significant other every day you strengthen the lines of communication and your relationship.

Going through these tips will not only make you better at communicating with yourself but everyone you interact with on a daily basis.

It'll be the boost you need to achieve your goals. If you are ready to get better at communicating and improve yourself learn more here!


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