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Your Source To Explore The Most Powerful
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Powerful Myths and Truths About the Law of Attraction for Happiness

law of attraction for happiness

Wouldn't it be great if you could imagine a fancy vacation, and suddenly be headed there? Or, maybe you've been searching for your dream job and need the right opportunity to come your way.

With the right thinking, it can.

Sounds crazy, right? The law of attraction doesn't think so. This powerful practice says you can achieve your wildest dreams with a few simple thoughts.

It's not like one day you think, "I want to be a millionaire", and the next day you win the lottery.

Rather, it's a mindful approach to everyday life. The more you focus on what you want, the more the universe will open doors to get you one step closer.

You can use the law of attraction for happiness in your relationships, career, and more.

First, though, you should know what it really is. We're breaking down the common misconceptions and simple truths of this incredible force.


It's Too Hard to Learn

Some people can't wrap their head around manifestation. They may be fundamental realists or just plain skeptics. Either way, without some proof, it's hard to believe a few positive thoughts can change your life.

The thing is, the proof comes after.

You don't just sign up for a gym membership and expect to get your best body right away. You have to work for it.

The law of attraction for happiness is the same thing. It takes lots of practice and even more patience.

The key to unlocking your happiness comes with breaking down how you see the world.

It's a complicated subject, but it's possible. Take on the law with an open mind and see how it opens doors in your life.

The Law of Attraction Is Selfish

Some people worry about the "negative effects" instead of whether the law works or not. They fear being judged as selfish by friends and loved ones.

Why? Because the law of attraction for happiness puts you at the center of your life.

The law says you can have anything you want! You can be anything you want. But, you can't let anyone get in the way, and that can get a little messy.

It means establishing boundaries with toxic influences. It means putting your power first - leaving no room for the things that don't serve you.

As empowering as this is, it's hard to let certain things go.

No one said fulfillment comes easily, though. Move forward with confidence and grace. Your true, genuine relationships will understand.

For the Law to Work, You Have to Control Every Thought

Living the law of attraction for happiness means expanding your consciousness. Put simply, it heightens your level of awareness - about everything.

You may be looking for happiness in your love life, only to find you become way too aware of things you need to change at work. The catch 22 is once you open this level of thinking, you can't turn it off.

Walking through life with a deeper understanding and sharper mental eye might cause anxiety at first. Instead of working on one thing at a time, you might try to fix everything at once.

Relax, don't overanalyze your whole life or start blaming yourself.

The process isn't about fixing every little thing. It's about creating a welcoming mental space for more good to come and go.

How does this "space" come to be? Take a look at the truths about the law of attraction for happiness.


The Law Works When You Do

Calling all critics!

No, the law of attraction is not about thinking happy thoughts and living the same life, waiting for change to happen.

The best way to live the law of attraction for happiness is to actively practice it. It's about creating change in your reality by starting with your mentality - cue the fireworks.

The law teaches you to identify what you really want in life, then cut out the distractions from getting there.

Through consciousness, understanding, and small shifts, big changes happen.

You're not making the universe work for you, you're working with it. Think of the law of attraction like making a contract yourself instead of rubbing a genie lamp.

Positive Thoughts, Positive Life

Although there's no way around doing the real work, the right thoughts help. Positive thinking is shown to create lasting effects, even Harvard says so.

An optimistic approach to life can improve your relationships and make you more productive. Some people even credit it to beating cancer.

Your mind is capable of more than you think. It can turn around one bad day or change your entire life, depending on how much you apply the law of attraction for happiness.

Be careful of confusing optimism with avoidance, though. Taking on tough situations requires practicality just as much as positivity.

For example, you can't wish away student debt. But, you can use a positive outlook to make a budget plan.

It all goes hand in hand. When things are especially rough, these quotes can help turn things around:

  • "The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them." - Unknown
  • "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on." - Robert Frost
  • "Nobody can hurt me without my permission." - Gandhi

Applying the Law of Attraction for Happiness and More

Changing your life can be as simple as changing the way you think about it.

There are many hidden opportunities in your day to day actions waiting to give you deeper fulfillment.

Your first step is choosing to make it happen.

Discover what the law of attraction for happiness can do for you.

No matter your schedule or situation, we can help you to overcome and better understand. Contact us about Avatar courses, seminars, and downloads.


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