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7 Barriers to Your Personal Growth

barriers to personal growth

If you've ever dreamed of making positive changes in your life, only to give up soon after making your decision or failing along the way, your own personality, beliefs, and attitude may be to blame.

There are tons of barriers that can prevent personal growth. Some are obvious personality traits that can be easy to identify but tough to change. Other barriers are less obvious.

If you're struggling to make changes in your life, keep reading. We're breaking down 7 common barriers that could be holding you back.

1. A Lack of Clear Goals

One of the biggest barriers to personal growth is a lack of clear, defined goals. Without goals to work towards, you have no way to measure changes in your life.

Simply having goals isn't enough. They need to be clear and specific in order to be effective.

Goals like "get a better job" or "buy a house" don't help you grow. You need to define what a better job consists of, such as more pay or more regular hours.

You need to set time frames for when you want to accomplish your goals, such as buying a house before you're 30. Otherwise, you'll feel disappointed at how long it takes to reach each goal, even if it takes you a reasonable amount of time to complete that goal.

Before you can start working on other strategies for personal growth, define exactly what you want out of yourself in the coming years. Then, use these goals to measure your success and make other changes in your life.

2. No Responsibility for Your Life

Another barrier to personal growth is failing to take responsibility for your life.

When something bad happens, like when debt starts mounting up or a relationship ends, you need to look internally and ask yourself what you did to put yourself in that situation.

Confronting things that happen to you and thinking about what you could have done to prevent them will help you make positive changes in your life, to prevent the same things from happening again.

3. A Resistance to Change

Committing to personal growth means choosing to make positive changes in your life to help you reach your goals, have better relationships, or be happier.

Unfortunately, you may be resisting change in your life without even realizing it.

Resistance to change can be caused by several different things.

Maybe you're afraid of taking risks that could change your life for better or worse. Or perhaps you've been doing the same things, like working the same job or dating the same person, for so long that you forget what it was like before you started.

Realizing that you're afraid of change is the first step to overcoming your fear. Only after you do that will you be able to start making small, positive changes in your life.

4. An Incohesive Belief System

Just because you aren't religious doesn't mean that you don't have a set of beliefs that you live by. You may not even realize that you have these beliefs, but you do. They govern how you treat people, how you approach difficult situations, and more.

But if you don't take the time to focus on these beliefs and what they mean to you, your beliefs may become conflicting. For instance, while you may think that you have a strong sense of justice, you may only see that rule as applying to other people, and you yourself may break rules all the time.

Defining your beliefs, and then holding yourself to them, creates a solid base upon which you can continue your growth.

5. No Motivation to Improve

When you have a home, a decent job, and relationships, it can be easy to become complacent. This can lead you to have no motivation to create change in your life.

But just because you are comfortable doesn't mean that your life is the best that it could be.

Finding motivation to make changes in your life is essential for helping yourself grow.

If you're having trouble finding motivation on your own, don't worry. Starting a personal growth program will help you realize what kind of positive changes that you could be making, giving you the motivation to prompt those changes.

6. Focusing on the Wrong Values

Just as lacking a defined belief system can leave you without direction, so can focusing on the wrong values.

In today's world, it can be easy to become overly focused on money and buying things that make you feel happy. When you're in a relationship, it can be easy to become too focused on wanting a marriage or family, and less focused on whether you're happy with your significant other.

Refocusing your values can help you start making positive changes in your life.

7. Beating Yourself Up Over Small Issues

Even after you commit to making positive changes in your life, you're going to make mistakes.

A major barrier to the success of your personal growth is over-focusing on those mistakes and letting them overshadow any success you've had.

When you make a mistake or experience a setback, it's important to acknowledge it, think about why it happened, and then move on. While you should try to learn from the situation, you shouldn't dwell on it for so long that you end up preventing other chances for growth.

Start Your Journey to Personal Growth Today

If you're suffering from any of these 7 barriers to personal growth, it's time to start making positive changes in your life.

You could try to make these changes on your own. But if you already know that you're doing things to block growth in your life, you're unlikely to be able to see all of the changes that you need to make on your own.

Instead, you need professional help to make fast, effective changes in your life.

If you're ready to start changing your life for the better, take the next step today. Our Avatar program will help you recognize the personality traits that are holding you back and show you how to make changes in your life that will help you grow into a healthier, happier, more successful version of yourself.


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